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  1. She’s just a different kind of dumb isn’t she? Though I must confess I’ve only ever watched a minute or two of her videos, which is a minute or two I can’t get back. What I saw just looked like some inspiration porn delivered via valley girl speak.

  2. It’s a very good one actually. I just need more cells to better be able to deal with documents that are formatted for wider paper with a 38 cell line. Correcting issues in these files with just a 32 is a bit challenging for me.

  3. I’m still kicking myself for not asking them for a 40-cell brailliant. It would have been so worth it. Ah well. Hoping there’ll be other opportunities perhaps with an even better display, but I can’t see how much better it can be. It just freakin’ works.

  4. ueb code is terrible. I don’t much like it. They could do some things. They could keep the grade 2 braille code for Bibles and religious texts. apparently, the Bible written in ueb would be far more massive than it already is.


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