I hope and pray that the president, first lady, and everyone in his inner circle who are currently experiencing the Coronavirus also experience a complete and speedy recovery.

But I’m not extending any empathy, or simpathy, and Trump supporters who are currently all broken up and clutching their pearls over the meanness and snark of some on the left, after having spent the last several years either being strategically silent about, or making excuses for, or cheering the president’s rhetoric and conduct towards women, people with disabilities, and damn near every minority in this country can save their outrage. I do not want to hear one word about civility, or empathy, or simpathy, or charity, or even just plain old norms from any of these people.

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  1. @pauljacobson I don’t think it’s interesting, just a normal human response. If someone wants to try to go the extra mile due to their faith, I think they should go for it. But, especially in the case of someone who has explicitly made it known that they are not going to waste their time showing empathy or simpathy or charity ETC., expecting everyone else to just forget that is at best a fool’s errand and at worst one of those standards opponents are to adhere to and not one to be followed.

  2. @pauljacobson Oh. I get you now. This reminds me of how sometimes non-disabled people will advocate for accessibility, even just for a little while, after spending time around people with disabilities, watching the crap we deal with, who then get angry about it. They don’t join the cause on a long-term basis, but there’s at least one interaction where they’re doing the advocating.

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