We’ve been abandoned again!
Not Again!
I just looked at Jimmy Buffett’s current tour schedule
for 2005, and there are no North Carolina stops.
And here I was, willing to do whatever it took to make
sure that both myself and Ray went to that concert:
Lie,, steal, fake severe illness, fake a death
certificate of a close relative if necessary, anything.
But no, the Almighty Parrot-head abandons us again.
You’d think he would have learned after the last time.
I’m so crushed.
It would have made working at Convergys meaningfull.
It would have meant that I don’t work in vain.
I would have worked as much overtime as needed to go to
that damned concert.
Now what am I supposed to do?

2 thoughts on “2 Adar II 5765

  1. gloom dispair and agony! I think we really need to work up that bad economic news bit which resulted from the abandonment of North Carolina by The Great Parat. It’s a sad day Charlie Brown. The mountains and coast line of North Carolina will ring with funeral durges and sad tidings. Think I’m going to get drunk now!
    Ray T. Mahorney

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