If only we could have seen it on TV!
According to the AP via Yahoo!, things got pretty rowdy during the latest phase of Saddam Hosein’s trial.
Hosein’s defense team staged a walk-out, Saddam yelled at the judge, and the first witness testified concerning the random arrests and torturing that went on during Saddam’s regime.
Former U.S. Attorney General turned part of Saddam’s dream team threatened to take his toys and go home, but Judge Rizgar Mohammed Amin informed him that if he and his colleagues walked out, then new defense lawyers would be appointed.
Way to go!
And now, some wisdom from Saddam: “You are imposing
lawyers on us. They are imposed lawyers. The
court is imposed by itself. We reject that.”
Something worth pondering, about as much as pondering whether or not chalk has a soul.

Taken from customerservant.com

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