I’m going to work this morning, and John, the upper management type, and I are going to have a chat about all this, specifically the counting my average handle time against me.
I’m going to explain that that battle’s already been fought and won, and then I’m going to ask why there’s a need to rehash it.
I’m also going to explain why my AHT isn’t being counted in the first place, and I’m going to explain, in detail, the legal ramifications of all this, namely that the company has backed itself into a corner with this, and that if they can’t get the interface fixed, then they’ll have to put me in another position, even if that means creating one in the local center.
They can’t ask me to move to take another position somewhere else, and they can’t ask me to even apply for it.
Since they created this problem, it rests on their shoulders to fix it.
I’m not going to be threatening about it, I’m just going to explain the facts.
I’m going to explain that I’m not going away.
They can’t fire me over this, and I’m not quitting.
All of my dealings with this individual make me very suspicious, and seem to justify my being so jaded.
He gives off the creepy corporate vibe, and It is my belief that all this about my AHT came about out because they’re grasping for straws.
I’m thankful that I have people like Ze’evi, who have been through this before, to give advise.
He’s never proven to be off the mark on this sort of thing.
I just wish I didn’t have to deal with any of this, and that I could just do my job like any “normal” joe.
I’m not looking to create a storm here, but since I’m already in the middle of one, I might as well make sure I don’t get trampled by it.

Taken from customerservant.com

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