I’ve spent the afternoon doing some reading, but not as much as this morning.
I’m really sleepy by this point.
God, this is really bad for me.
I’ve added more links to the respective categories in the links section, so take a look if you’re lacking reading material.
I’m not saying the blogs are boring, but I find myself wishing they’d update more often so there would be more to read.
That’s really bad.
I googled UM to see if I could find any outside-of-work info.
That’s even worse.
This is past the point of insanity, and I’m not entirely sure it’s UM’s fault.
It probably isn’t.
That’s why my efforts regarding pressing discrimination charges have nothing to do with him as a person.
What’s sad about all of this is that he at least portrays himself as believing he’ll actually get something accomplished with the client.
He may actually believe it.
Granted, if he does get something accomplished, I’ll be the first to acknowledge it.
But my guess is that he’s got a ton on his plate, and that this situation isn’t the highest on the list.
I don’t cause any trouble when left to my own devices, so I imagine he probably thinks, (if he has the time to stop to consider it), pretty much along the lines of “Out of sight, out of mind.”
That’s not saying I agree with that view.
And he still hasn’t managed to become acquainted with my twisted sense of humor, but if the Jaws challenge actually happens, he will.

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