It’s almost 17:00, which means the work day’s almost over.
I didn’t get to torment the suits today.
I actually managed to catch a nap today.
God, this is ridiculous.
This isn’t the kind of stuff I’m supposed to be able to do at work.
I have to find more creative ways to spend my time.
I emailed DSB today, but haven’t gotten a response yet.
I wonder if I can civilly sue for pain and suffering.
Bordom definitely falls into that category for me, (and there’s definitely a hint of depression), because I can’t stand being prevented from doing my job.
It’s not that I’m some sort of workaholic, I just have a work ethic, and if I’m going to be in this hell-hole, I might as well be working.
Instead, I’ve gotten caught up in some sort of political bullshit.
I promised myself I wasn’t going to blog about this today, but unless an earthquake happens, it’s literally all that’s going on.
Being able to listen to some music helps a little, but there’s only so much that can do.
I can’t read blogs all day long because (a) they only update so often, and (b), what am I going to do, steal their content?
Something’s got to give.
Bobby says he’ll push the issue.
I don’t think this has anything to do with UM, or what he can do on the local level.
I think he’s being held back by his superiors, and the political scene he’s bound himself to, and maybe he just doesn’t give a damn.
I’m feeling very tired.
I usually end the day feeling like that, and I shouldn’t because I haven’t worked.
It makes for a lousy evening, not to mention it screws my own sleep schedule up, and I’ve just been feeling all around crappy because of this.
But then, when it comes to pressing charges, I will probably get caught up in yet another bureaucratic web.
Maybe I should contact Pat Robertson for some answers.
After all, that crazy seems to believe he has a line to God.
He’d probably tell me to give more to the church or something.
God, I really hate being unproductive.
Every last bit of this sucks.
I’d like to take all the suits who created this mess, or who contribute to it in any way, out and shoot them all.
It’d probably be more entertaining.
Probably the circle-jerkers who sit around creating travisties like the db_interface too.
This really isn’t bringing out my better side.

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