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They’ve gotten new machines in the break room, and the microwaves have Braille on them!
Bobby’s also working on getting overlays for the vending machines, as well as lists of the contents.
I’m glad to see someone actually manages to get something done around here.
Still no word on my working situation.
Apparently Mr. Frodo’s been conducting interviews for the Admin position, and just decided not to let me know.
Loser just isn’t an appropriate epithet.
I can’t seem to think of a better one though.
There was a rumor going around last week that he had planned to hire out for the position all along, and when I asked him about it, I got some dribble about how there’s value in hiring in and value in hiring out.
This was along with the little excerpts from the Jaws help file coming from the client.
We’ll be at 2.5 months February 24th.
God, please, don’t let this go on any longer.

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