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I never made it a point to blog about this Friday when I got it, for a number of reasons.
First, I was still exhausted from the monster sinus infection I spent most of last week recovering from, and secondly, it left even me speechless, which is one hell of a feat.
That only happens when something is either so touching/moving/inspirational that I’m humbled and awe-struck, or the stupidity factor is so great that it takes me a while to come up with a suitable response.
Unfortunately for me, this fits into the latter category.
The monumental, earth-shaking solution is, (drumroll please): Disable the Jaws for Windows virtual cursor.
Just so that non-Jaws users have an idea of what I’m talking about, the Jaws for Windows Virtual cursor is an extra cursor that allows Jaws to track what’s going on on the screen, and gives you all the neat Jaws functionality beloved by Jaws users the world over.
No virtual cursor, no Jaws hotkeys, which means no Jaws functionality.
Anyone who has worked with Jaws for Windows as long as these people are supposed to have worked with it would know this, especially if they’re the technical type.
Hell, my mom figured it out, and she’s the least-technical person I’ve ever met.
I’m thinking maybe they should put this stroke of brilliance to better use before it runs out.
If they did, they could have the problem of world hunger solved in a matter of hours, and if they work really hard at it, could probably usher in the Messianic Age all by themselves.
Then, the Messiah could assume his throne with no effort at all, and when God asked how he got all that work done in so short a time, Messiah could just say he outsourced the job.
There has to be a limit to corporate stupidity, there just has to be.
I’ll probably find that when I find a self-help phrase that hasn’t been incorporated into some work-related publication.

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