This is not going to make for a very good work day later on. I got off work yesterday with a migraine, so I laid down after work hoping to let it run its course. Well, it seems to have run its course, but now it’s 03:00, and I’m wide awake, even though I should be sleeping. It is Wednesday though, which means I’m almost halfway through the week. Yes, you read that right, almost. I have training on Saturday from 09:30-14:00, which sucks, even though I’m getting paid for it. Monday night, I had a Come-To-Jesus meeting with a certain marine creature when it decided to destroy my display chain. I ended up having to rip the whole thing out by its roots, reinstall, and then go rehook the drivers. I ended up staying up late for that, which is probably what partly caused yesterday’s migraine. So since the cycle continues, I can pretty much expect one for today as well. But maybe I’ll get lucky. It’s possible, and it’s happened before. More later.

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