Hi all:

I’ve got about an hour and a half before work, and I figure I’ll post an update. I’ve been reading about custom groups or whatever it’s called, and I think I may create one for certain posts. I think it’s cool that LJ offers us that extra level of security. Sure, I could implement this at Customerservant too, and I may do that at some future point, but that’s going to require some hacking and general backendiness that I don’t have time for this morning. I’m still kind of sleepy, and I think I’d love to ban Monday from the calendar. The weekend was way too short. Mom came to visit, and given the potential for drama, the visit went off splendidly. We had steaks and watched Borat, and pulled an all-nighter Friday night, which meant I slept for a large part of the day on Saturday. I did the grocery shopping Saturday night, and just generally lazed around yesterday as well, but the weekend was still way too short. I’d love to take a three-day weekend. Well, that’s all for now. I’ll update later.

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