“Do you Want Fries with That?”
The above is a really good post on something that’s blown up the blinkosphere over the last few days. You can read that post for all the details, but TL. DR.: someone’s suing McDonalds because drive-thrus are open longer than the brick and mortar restaurant is, and since he can’t drive, he and apparently his lawyer believe that McDonalds is discriminating against blind people with said drive-thru.

OK, I get it. Late night munchies are a thing, and sometimes only a big mack will do the trick. But blind people aren’t any different than anyone else who doesn’t get to walk through drive-thrus, (Read: everybody), and if we want equal treatment, then we have to put up with the same crap everyone else does. We can’t scream that all we want is equality and then sue over something this trivial and claim discrimination. We already have quite a problem with ADA trolls, (see the comments to that post for more examples), and lawsuits like this don’t help. Also, I’m curious about what prior steps were taken before the suit was filed. I’ve heard through the blind grapevine that lawsuits like this don’t happen until all other methods have been exhausted. So what happened in this instance? Because if nothing else was tried, that ADA lawsuit qualifier goes out the window, and consequently this lawsuit casts yet more doubt on the process.

While we’re waiting on this one to settle down though, massive internets points to whoever writes an activist ditty about quarter pounders and posts the result.