Today’s been really productive, but I’ll be glad when it’s time to quit working. I decided to take up the National Blog Posting Month challenge, and what I intended to be a quick hot-take turned into an almost 1500-word long post. That was definitely not the plan, but it adds some good content to the other site, and you can never have enough good content.

I’m also enjoying reading everyone else’s posts. The best part about any of these writing challenges is finding new things to read. I already have a fully-stocked RSS reader, but it’s good to freshen it up with new content that’s longer than one hundred and forty characters.

And now, time for more coffee.

Almost every day when I log onto Facebook, I come across posts from some of my disabled friends in support of a Trump presidency. It seems that nothing he says or does sways that support. And yet, those same people with disabilities also advocate for accessibility, even if out of mere self-interest. Well, there’s a post that summarizes the likely legal situation with regard to accessibility that I think you all need to read and respond to. Granted, I can’t make you respond, but I would really love to know how you can advocate for accessibility, and support someone who has not hesitated in mocking people with disabilities, to say nothing of what would likely happen to the legal framework that you unarguably depend on. OK, things like racism and misogyny aren’t priority enough for you to not vote for this idiot. I get it. I don’t like it, but those are battles that will take longer to win. But accessibility is a priority for every one of you. If it weren’t, you wouldn’t bitch every time you come across some app or website that isn’t accessible. So, given everything laid out in the linked post above, given the eight times Trump has been sued for ADA violations, given the outright mocking of people with disabilities, I’m at a complete loss as to how anyone with a disability can support even contemplate supporting Trump, let alone actually support him. So if one of you could craft a response that’s something other than “Yeah but Hilary is worse”, that would be great. If you reference the above linked post in your response, even better. If you read the above post, and still vote for Trump, and if he wins, I do not ever want to hear any of you bitching about any inaccessible thing ever again. I’ll be happy to leave you to provide for your own accessibility, since that will be the option you have chosen for yourselves, and the rest of us.

I was browsing Twitter yesterday, and saw that one of my friends was tweeting some comments about invocations at blindness conventions. “Invocation” is a rather fancy word to use in this instance, because these are usually just on-the-spot prayers of the evangelical Christian variety, but we’ll go with it. Anyway, these are pretty much a staple at blindness conventions, and I think this is a tradition that needs to die off. For one thing, none of these organizations are entirely composed of Christians, and these conventions aren’t Christian events. The rest of us, who are either believers of another faith, or not believers at all, shouldn’t need to sit through a public prayer as start to a convention that isn’t devoted to faith. If you want to open a convention, that’s what keynotes are for.

For another, let’s be totally honest. Half the crap that goes on at these conventions can hardly be called good Christian behavior, and it seems just a bit hypocritical to begin with a prayer, and then go on with the rest of what happens at convention. I’m all for Christians getting together at these events to fellowship and pray and hold the live, in-person version of Skype church. But it’s time we dispense with invocations and replace them with a proper keynote, which is what happens at every other convention that’s not a religious one. Well, unless that is, it’s a convention that takes place in the south, and originates there. But that’s a separate issue I think.

I didn’t watch the election coverage, but from what I’ve read on Twitter and Facebook, and from other news sources, Trump appears to have won the election. Speaking to those who are cheering the election of a fascist, racist, misogynist, and an ableist, someone who has demonstrated that to him, the race for the presidency is nothing more than a reality TV show, that the rules don’t apply to him in politics or in business, who is proud of fucking over those who work for him, and who sums up just about every single hateful quality that one person can possess, fuck all of you. Some of you insist that globalism has been defeated by a Trump victory. If you really believe that, you’re a lot stupider than I thought you were. Even if your crowing were correct, you defeated globalism by electing the American version of Hitler. You elected a man who is heartily endorsed by organizations like the Ku Klux Klan. You have demonstrated that hate is perfectly acceptable as long as the person pedaling that hate tells you just enough things that you want to hear. When some republicans who had guts and decided to act on them tried to warn you that Trump is no conservative, you didn’t listen. Report after report after report of anti-semitism surfaced, from liberals and conservatives, and you said, “no big deal,” because reasons, or what the fuck ever. Oh, and I hope those of you who are celebrating and who are also disabled like your accessibility self-service, because that’s exactly what we’re in for. So in six months, I don’t want to hear any of you complaining about what you’ve wrought. You will have brought it on yourselves and the rest of us.