The below is from a pro-Trump interview, the full video of which is below. The quote in question, in text form, so everyone can read it.

GIULIANI: I’ll tell you the whole history of it! So, when
(Trump) first announced it, he said, “Muslim ban.” He
called me up. He said, “Put a commission together.
Show me the right way to do it legally.” I put a
commission together with Judge LMikeJ Mukasey, with
Congressman (Mikel McCaul, (Rep.) Pete King; whole
group of very expert lawyers on this. And what we did
was, we focused on β€” instead of religion, danger! The
areas of the world that create danger for us! Which is a
factual basis, not a religious basis. Perfectly legal,
perfectly sensible. And that’s what the ban is based on.

And the video, with the quote in its context.

Let that sink in for a minute. We knew we couldn’t have an outright Muslim ban legally, so we found a way to get around the law so we could ban an entire group of people based on their religious affiliation. There are zero ways you can defend this. Zero.

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