Logs on after Shabbat. Oh look! Nazis! Looks at my social medias. Oh look! People in my timeline/newsfeed defending the nazis, because free speech! Time to visit the bank of fucks and purge more accounts, because as a Jew I will not tolerate this shit, and as a white person I will not stand by silently while this shit is defended, no matter what the reason, and I will not stand by while other white people look the other way and shrug their shoulders, wring their hands, and/or say there’s nothing that can be done about this. Now is not the time to be neutral, and it is not the time for nuance. If you are silent, you are complicit. If you’ve ever opened your mouth to condemn Black Lives Matter, or condemn Muslims when one of them rams a vehicle into a crowd, don’t you dare keep it shut now. This is not, (as our president says), about violence on the part of “many sides”. It’s about white supremacists coming out in force, and committing an act of domestic terrorism. You’re only as awesome as the things you tolerate, and if there are assholes in your community, it’s your fault. If you can’t muster up the courage to do anything more than role your eyes and wring your hands, or offer up thoughts and prayers, then whether it’s friends or family, we need to re-evaluate our relationship, because I am fucking done.