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  1. Ok, so first of all, I’m amazed you just learned about this. I’ve known about it for quite some time, and every single time I hear of it I want to vomit all over my keyboard. The NFB really could, and ought to do better. That goes completely against their slogan of living the life you want. If they really are going to exemplify walking the walk, they gotta talk it too; and that means not encouraging and promoting inspiration porn. It’s just completely and totally disgusting and offensive.

  2. Hello it’s called education month. Why not make a good example of yourself. Instead of complaining and saying it’s stupid. If you want people to understand and respect you more why not educate in October. It’s not as stupid as you may think. There are other entities that do the same thing. If we don’t do this We will never move forward on helping people. Do we not want to help people get jobs and other blindness related problems. Even if we do it in our own way. It’s not that you really have to go out and educate someone. But just be you on the street! Maybe have a conversation with someone. That’s all it is. It just makes me really disappointed when I hear people say it’s gross it’s stupid. When you’re just hurting yourself. No one else is going to learn unless you help them. I don’t do a whole lot for meet the blind month. But at least I can appreciate what it’s really trying to do. Next time someone talks down to you, demeaned you because they think you are not capable. I hope you don’t complain! Because you could have helped. But you choose not to

  3. Danielle, I bust my ass every damn day helping to ensure that the web, (for example) is something that everyone can use. And I manage to do it without becoming an object with which others can stroke their ego or scratch their inspiration itch. No, other groups don’t do this. There isn’t a “Meet the Jews Month”, or “Meet the Women Month”, or “Meet Black People Month”, and every single one of those communities would flip its shit if one of their own organizations, one that claims to speak for all of them, be the largest advocacy organization, ETC., did something like this. So no, I am not going to make an extra effort to objectify myself during the month of October just to make other people feel better about themselves, or raise money on the backs of the group of people they are supposed to be advocating for. This is inspiration pimping on the part of the NFB, if indeed this is the month in which they raise most of their moneys, and if this campaign exists for that purpose.

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