16 thoughts on “I think I’m going to get myself a copy of “A Hero’…

  1. Just get some one to run you through it. I know their are botters all over that game. I stopped playing because of the toxic playerbase and nobody wanting to help me get high level equipment after being gone for over a year.

  2. I think you should. It sounds awesome. I haven’t gotten it because I’m not sure about how I will do with being hard of hearing and directionalizing sound on that game seems kind of important. Plus the navigation is said to be rather interesting for a game like that.

  3. I’m not saying people giving up on a project after getting it backed isn’t a thing, but I definitely can see how someone might give up on a project if it’s not getting funded/backed. Former comes down to work ethic though.

  4. I’ve backed off of Alter because it often feels too much like work. A Hero’s Call has been fun the whole way through. It also doesn’t suck my time like Alter. Alter has its moments, so I probably won’t give it up entirely.

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