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  1. This is the text of the tweet, since Facebook doesn’t support auto-discovery for text of Twitter links like it does just about every other kind of link: “The #Government may be down but the #NFBWS18 is not! #blind #Rights will still be fought for despite #governmentshutdown2018”

  2. Hmmm. This could also be interpreted as an announcement to say hey washington seminar is still on as an FYI for all who were planning to attend who might wonder. But everyone needs to put their spin of choice on something, especially to fit in with how they believe or feel about a particular organization; especially this one. They’re the crew people seem to love to hate. Perhaps my interpretation comes from the fact that I really don’t care what they do, so I read the words and keep on moving. To me, they’re just words on twitter. They mean nothing to me as I’m not part of them, nor am I going to Washington seminar. I’ve got neither love nor hate for them; they simply exist. But.. To each their own. *shrug* πŸ™‚

  3. I didn’t see that post as a marketing opportunity. Some people were unsure if events would still happen because of the shutdown. It seems like you are just looking for reasons to complain about anything tweeted from their account.

  4. Hi, just wanted to point out that you RT our post as a problem of NFB marketing but we are a private company just letting people know an event is going on. We support AFB, ACB, NFB, and all fighting for blind rights. No disrespect intended. We get it our research money stops too.

  5. I just corrected my comment. I meant to say stink. Anyway, 2 things can be true. 1, they are known for treating people horribly. Even their own. 2, they could still have some programs like white cane and newsline that benefit many people. Doesn’t mean they have to be as disgusting as they are to people who disagree with their philosophy.

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