65 thoughts on “If Freedom Scientific had spent less time whining …

  1. It’s run by ego-ridden twat males. If NVDA worked with my transcription software I’d probably not ever renew my SMA ever ever ever. As it is, I hate giving it to them every year. If I could afford both I’d turn it around and donate it to them; though I confess that if NVDA ever charged, I’d view it as money better spent than giving it to Freedom. Meanwhile, the new firefox is supposed to work with 2018, and it’s still incredibly slow making it necessary to run ESR. It’s stupid!

  2. How about, if they stopped throwing the NVDA community as a collective under the bus and take their lead. Accessibility is a right, not a privilege. A sighted person can walk up to a computer and use it. Why should we have to shell out thousands to use our computers?

  3. NVDA still can’t support SecureCRT, Jamie did add limited support for me once long ago, but it was heavily dependent on a particular version of a dll they were using which changed with every major release of SecureCRT, so it broke in fairly short order. Its essential to my job, so, no NVDA for me, Plus, I hate Object Nav with a passion. I’m hesitant to entirely blame FS either, Mozilla do have a history of “my way or the highway” when it comes to accessibility support, for a long time Firefox wasn’t accessible with VoiceOver on the Mac because Mozilla wanted Apple to adopt their accessibility methodology instead of playing nice with Apple’s already well established guidelines. Blame exists on both sides.

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