I starved my Apple Watch to death overnight, and I am here to tell you that if this happens you are absolutely restarting your phone because all your connections go to shit. I went to see Ed Turner and Number 9 last night at the Imperial Theater and they were amazing. Lord help them though they need a website because right now they have a Facebook page, a Youtube channel, and all their other content is published in newspapers and magazines, and they own none of these bits of content. I’m trying to decide if I have a large enough set of balls to leave them a message on their Facebook page. Maybe later. Right now I’m spending my Sunday morning waiting on assistance for a request I have made of my apartment complex something like five times in the span of four days and so far, despite an approach by staff this morning with a promise of assistance within thirty to forty-five minutes, no dice. I’ll provide more details later if it gets to that point but this has until tomorrow morning to finish playing out so I’ll keep those to myself for now. If it gets to the point of no return though it’s on then because some serious shit is going to go down and I have everything documented. However I am fast losing patience and it’s only a matter of time before it gets flamingly lit.

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