I am really proud of myself. The cane saga I sort of ranted about the other day finally resulted in the cane tip becoming permanently detached last night while I was out at the Ed Turner and Number 9 concert, so I took Chris’s advice and ensured that I had some ductate handy while I was doing my groceery order this morning. That tip is not rolling anywhere, but it’s also not detaching from that cane anytime soon. The request assistance I needed from my apartment complex finally happend this morning, about two hours after I was promised it would happen, but everything’s in order now. There excuse for continually forgetting about it was “Well, you never really ask for anything.” Yeah, don’t you think that if I never ask for anything, and then I ask for some help, it’s really damn important? Oh well, it’s taken care of and I am having an enjoyable Sunday afternoon.

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