I’ve finally found a social reader that’s reasonably accessible and which I like, so now I’m in the midst of transferring all my RSS feeds over to Aperture in earnest. Organizing them is proving a bit of a challenge, but this is also an opportunity to clean things up a bit and decide what I want to continue reading and what I’m happy to discard. For me, RSS as opposed to social media is a much more digestable approach, or at least an approach that assists me in stopping to think about and ponder the things I read, when they require thinking and pondering. Organizing feeds into categories is a great way, for me, to put things like news or politics or whatever into a separate place where I can visit when I want to and then jump out again when it starts to feel like too many people are peeing in the pool.

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  1. @ChangelingMx A couple of things about Aperture and WordPress: you’ll want to install the plugin first, and then go sign in at the Aperture website. If you happen to be hosted on WPEngine or a similar managed host for WordPress, you may need to do the following: Uninstall the Aperture plugin and then clear all casches. Next, go sign into Aperture with your domain. Assuming you have indieauth set up on your site, which you can do with the indieauth plugin for WordPress, look at the source of your page after installing the Aperture plugin. You should see something like this: <link rel=”microsub” href=”https://aperture.p3k.io/microsub/127″> In case MB breaks this, what you’re looking for is your Microsub endpoint, so microsub= something where something points to Aperture. If you don’t have the Microsub plugin installed, do that. Assuming all of these are in place, note tha value at the end of the Aperture URL. In my case, it’s 127, which is the designation for my specific instance. YOu can find this info also on the Aperture site, once you’re logged in. Assuming these two values don’t match, you’ll need to modify the value in your wp-options table, or manually add the <link> to your theme’s header file. I know that’s a lot, and I’m making a lot of assumptions, since I don’t know much about your setup. If you have any issues after this, feel free to ping me, or to log into the Indieweb chat via IRC or Slack at chat.indieweb.org. If you visit that page on the Wiki you’ll find info on exactly how to connect, ETC. I hope this is helpful. I’m in a hurry so haven’t formatted this well and I’ve tried to cover everything that might be the problem.

  2. @arush My site is hosted by gandi.net, not WP Engine. Also, my endpoints match, and I have the IndieAuth plugin. I’m able to sign into Apperture. The problem is when I sign in with one of the readers, it can’t find my channels, but channels I create on the Together reader show up in my APPERTURE dashboard.

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