Florida Judge Sanctions Serial Ada Plaintiff Alexander Johnson And Attorney Scott Dinin | JD Supra
Seyfarth Synopsis: Serious sanctions imposed on a serial ADA Title III plaintiff and his attorney should concern the plaintiffs’ bar.

This appears to have a little something for everyone, including a heaping helping of “you can’t fix stupid”. Emails? Seriously? They emailed each other and were explicit enough in the emails to prove that this was a scheme? I know I’m not really supposed to talk about the people who agree to be plaintiffs of record in these cases, (or at least, it seems, that not many people are willing to bring that part of it up), but yeah, this gravy train appears to be coming to its final stop. At least, I hope it is. Note: If anyone else has posted about this angle of it, influencer or not, get in touch and I’ll be happy to link.

12 thoughts on “Heads-up to every blind person accepting funds for participating in so-called drive-by lawsuits and demand letter schemes: That gravy train appears to be coming to an end because sanctions have now been imposed on a plaintiff

  1. I have been totally blind since birth, and the fact that any blind person would willingly participate in this semilegal form of extortion absolutely sickens me! People like this are the reason why a big business like Dominos Pizza is now going to the supreme court in an attempt to prove that apps and web sites aren’t covered under the ADA. these blind people are more interested in lining their own pockets than making a positive difference for the overall blind community.

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