Welp looks like I will be taking time out of my work day to pause and install a new iOS update that is thankfully available because after taking a phone call earlier today and ending that call I have encountered what I’ll call the “all your sounds are belong to us” feature of iOS 13.

Apparently this is applicable to VoiceOver users only, and it wouldn’t be nearly as big of a deal as it is if it weren’t for the fact that just about everything I log into requires two-factor authentication and I need my phone for that because Google Authenticator is on my phone and so is the SMS app which I use for backup or for services that won’t let you use an authenticator app.

I am very much not happy right now because this requires me to not do things like log in to GitHub or Google Drive or a ton of really important stuff for work.

For those of you who aren’t voiceOver users, it happened like this.

Take phone call, say things, end phone call. Phone then completely shuts down and refuses to reboot despite having 94% battery power, requires sticking it on the charger and having John call me which then rings my watch which apparently sets off a chain reaction between phone and watch which the attempt to ping my phone from my watch did not set off.

That’s it, the rule about not drinking while working is being temporarily suspended because I have a meeting at 8PM and I just wasted something like forty five minutes. Update is installing now so I get to restart the phone and go through the whole “getting started” bullshit and pray that this bug is resolved in 13.2 because it is absolutely not cool that I’ll have to look out for this every time I take a phone call.

How’s your Tuesday going?

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