I’d be lying if I said I hoped Lawrence Lessig wins this lawsuit.

Fact is, I hope he loses, if for no other reason than I’m sick and tired of powerful guys like this go on and on about free speech (TM), and then get all butthurt when someone exercises their right to same by saying mean things about them.

Or when they go on and on about free association, (as they necessarily do when advocating on behalf of the Firist Ammendment), only to then get all buthurt when others choose not to associate with them after they defend the indefenseable.

People like Lawrence Lessig are more than welcome to defend pedophiles, taking money from same, ETC. But those defenses aren’t free of social consequences, and that’s what they’re suffering here, social consequences.

And if you don’t like the social consequences, maybe don’t defend pedophiles or taking money from same.

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