For me, public reading is the act of cataloging the things I’m reading, sometimes so I can find said things later and sometimes for the sake of those times once every year or two when I page back through posts to get a personal glimpse of what’s been going on, how I’ve changed or my thoughts have changed, ETC.

I think performance can come into play, (I’ve read x number of books or x number of words, for example), but it doesn’t have to.

Keeping track of these kinds of statistics can serve ths personal journey retracing purpose, or as documentation of competition.

I think that in order for performance to come into play, there have to be people to watch/witness the performance, and that brings up whether or not personal websites serve the same purpose as your typical social media profile.

For me, my personal website serves the purpose of a social media profile only to the extent that, if someone asks why I’m not posting on Twitter, Facebook, ETC. because they’re interested in what’s going on in my life, at which point I’ll direct them to my website.

But other than that, if people follow, that’s great, and I enjoy the bits of conversation that can happen as a result of the following. If they don’t, that’s fine too, and I’ll keep posting/logging things.

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