'Critical race theory' roils a Tennessee school district
Robin Steenman, an Air Force veteran and white mother of three, is fed up with the way public schools in her community of Franklin, Tennessee are teaching kids about race.

It seems we have another instance of mistaken critical race theory. I’d propose a slow-down of this 9-month-old campaign so advocates can make sure they’re catching instances of actual critical race theory or even critical race theory adjacent concepts and not, say accounts of historical racism, but in order to do that I’d have to assume that all of this is actually about critical race theory. I do not assume this. incidents like this one, and the Central york PA incident, and the deafening silence on the part of those sounding the critical race theory alarm regarding incidents like this, force the conclusion that all of this is about parents attempting to create themselves a safe space and pundits who are more than willing to profit from same.

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