I don’t have to see the Cue Continuum for the next three days or so, and I’ve got chicken and rice in the crockpot, which makes for good writing conditions. It’s been rainy here off and on all week, especially today and yesterday and Wednesday. This entry could get rather long, but not long enough that it warrants a cut, at least in my oppinion, and my oppinion is the only oppinion that matters.
I didn’t watch the debate this week. I’ve been under the weather for the last few days, and just didn’t have the attention span for it. Allen Dorch, one of the bigwigs from Express Scripts, was at the Cue Continuum this week. So, naturally, he was welcomed with honors by management, and we customer servants were expected to pay him the proper respect befitting our overlord. For those who couldn’t tell, the previous statement was rife with sarcasm. DJ inquired, and I have to agree: “Is this the man who fucks me in the ass on a daily basis?” to which, he got no answer from management, and uproars of laughter from those of us who sit on his row. He didn’t break any rules, (at least any that I know of), and John’s in training this week bringing what are supposed to be more agents, (most of whom will probably join the Mama P Moffia), onto the floor, so DJ probably won’t be reprimanded for that comment. Everyone on my row wanted me to try and trip Dorch with my cane, and some offered to do it themselves. But I never managed it. I almost tripped Gail though, and Cornelius, (my supervisor), so that was cool. That would so humiliate either of them, and I’d love to get the chance to do that. The results of the popularity contest known as the mass application for the supervisor position are supposed to be out today, so that means I’ll probably find out who joined the ranks of the willingly-assimilated on Monday. It probably won’t be Vernon, because he’s the most qualified for the job, and that would make the most sense, and he’s not going to just do what he’s told, no matter the ethical or moral consequences. DJ probably won’t get it, because he’s too vocal about his dislike of what goes on around there. Rebecca might get it, because she’s Ms. Convergys, and they’ll like that. Beyond that, I don’t know about the rest. I’ll post the results here. Some of my readers might be interested, especially and
I’m beginning to think that, whoever becomes president needs to grant someone the funds to do a study on what exactly everyone who works in the human resources departments across this country does all fucking week, because they never get anything right. I got paid this week, and for 80 hours of work, I was paid $423. Fucking pathetic. Every pay period, I have to go to HR, and argue with them over my paycheck, and then they tell me they’ll look into it. I’m sick and tired of this. Can’t I have one pay period where everything is as it should be, and I’m not shorted a huge amount of money? I’m supposed to be paid $8.50 per hour, and I know that that should come out to more than $423, even after taxes. I’m sick and tired of all the shit! Why does this whole thing have to be so damned difficult? You can’t tell me it’s that fucking difficult to get this shit straight. Come on! We all have computers, and Windows is virtually dummy-proof, and most of the people who work in our HR dept don’t even know enough to be dangerous. So what’s the problem? Every time I walk in to HR, nothing’s going on, except the latest episode of as the cluster fucks, meaning that all that’s really going on is a bunch of gossip. I have an idea. Let’s build the JW Cathedral, and put everyone from HR in it, no matter what company they work for, and just lock the doors. They can feed on miracle wheat for the rest of their lives, and that way they won’t bother any of us, ever again. (If you need an explanation as to the origin of the JW cathedral concept, please leave a comment.) And let’s throw Bob in there too, just to annoy the HR people. And we could throw Mell Gibson in there as well. That ought to make things really interesting. BTW, yes, I have seen the Passion of the Gibson, (otherwise known as The Passion of the Christ), and will review it in a later entry.
And now, for an apology. Ray, I want to apologize for criticizing you for being neurotic. I’m not saying you weren’t neurotic, I’m just saying you had every single right to be neurotic. Given the events in the past couple of weeks, I’m headed there myself. To tell the truth, I’m paranoid that I’m going to slip up and say something that will incriminate me in the eyes of Quality, and thus get me fired. You know it’s bad when you wonder what you’ve done every time your supervisor tells you to log into coaching, and comes over to your cube with a piece of paper and a pen. And you know it’s really bad when you start having fucked-up dreams about your place of employment. I think the most disturbing dream was the one where my boyfriend moved Convergys to the basement of his house so that we could be closer to each other, and so he could make some extra money by charging them rent. And I was wearing a headset during the dream, and Jaws was narrating it. I think I’m going to get really drunk this weekend, since it’s three days long. I’ll be fine once I quit working for Convergys, which should be as soon as I’ve saved up enough money to move, but getting there could be interesting. I think I need a new T-shirt, which says: Pray for me, I work for Convergys. Or we could make that in to a bumper sticker. I could probably make some money off something like that.
I think I need a new crockpot. Everything keeps sticking to the one I have, no matter how much liquid you put in, and it’s too small, so you can’t add lots of stuff to whatever you’re making. For instance, not much vegetable to the chicken and rice. And, as I said, things keep sticking, no matter how much you stir or how much liquid you put in. I’ll probably get one that allows for the glass part to be removed, for easier cleaning. I saved what I could of the chicken and rice, (which was over half, so not bad), and am now letting the crockpot soak. Better luck next time.
Ken quit Convergys this week, so there goes our source for sick, twisted humor. I’m going to miss him. He was quite entertaining. I’m surprised he didn’t quit beforehand, though.
Here’s a good idea for an updated way to choose the president. Given that they’re all going to lie to some degree or other, and, in actuality, Congress makes most of the decisions anyway, let’s just have a presidential drinking contest. Whoever wins the contest gets the presidency. Sounds good enough to me. Or let’s just have a presidential street fight. Nothing wrong with brutal violent contact sports, unless your a sensitive new-age guy, in which case, I have no use for you anyway. Whoever wins the fight gets the presidency. Not too difficult, or complicated. We could televise those too, and they’d be a lot more fun to watch, and you can’t say it wouldn’t be entertaining to watch carey and Bush duke it out.
Here’s one last rant: Why is it that people who don’t live in this country feel they have a right to make decisions about who should govern it? And most of those comments aren’t coming from countries with whom we’ve contended in war, they’re coming from countries in Europe, or the southern hemesphere, who, as a whole, aren’t doing a damned thing to try to make this world a better place for everybody to live in, unless you count taking kick-backs from the oil-for-food program as doing their part. Our leaders are far from perfect, and they should be called to task for any decisions they make which have a negative effect, or are viewed as irresponsible. But the only people who have a right to do that are the people who put them in their current positions, and those people are the citizens of this country. We may not be doing everything right in the war against terrorists. But at least we’ve taken a stand, and we’re not going to just sit around and let fanatics take over the world, and destroy societies who value freedom and basic human rights. Furthermore, we aren’t telling the European Union who it’s leaders should be, nor are we telling any of the other countries in which liberals who have decided they know best who should lead this country reside who their leaders should be. Therefore, anyone who has the urge to dictate to the United States who its leaders should be would do well to extend the same courtesy.
I think I’ve written enough for one entry, so I’ll end it here. Everybody take care, and feel free to leave comments. I’m sure I’ve said something that will piss somebody off. Sometimes I get a real kick out of doing that. LOL!

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