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  1. That’s not a hashtag. It’s the post ID from the UID that gets passed from the request to the endpoint. That’s OK though, because I will make this work, and be able to post on the go as well as from my desk. 🙂

  2. What’s happening is it’s taking the ID and passing it to the posttitle field. This then, when posting to FB and Twitter, posts as a title. Twitter then sees that there’s a post title and so shares the post title and the URL. Facebook appends the title to the post and shares the post content along with it. Probably need to just write a quick plugin for the WordPress that takes that data and ensures it doesn’t get dropped into the title field, and, problem solved. Once I do this I will package up some plugins to go along with the indieweb plugins for other people to download and use on their sites so everyone can own their content. Parcing Facebook archives and importing them is still a real issue, because FB API permissions and they still expect us all to be special snowflakes with tons of money to throw at them in order to have read access to our own data from the API so we can then use the data how and when we want, but this is to be expected.

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