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  1. Lacey, can you provide a link to your podcast? Also yours Allen? Don’t get me wrong. There are good tech podcasts. But I swear, every time a new one pops up, it’s another gadget podcast. If we’re going to have new tech podcasts, let’s maybe have one on data protection, or ethical issues in tech, or something on why people click, anything but reviewing the latest hot thing from Apple or Google.

  2. This is going to continue to paint me with the unpopular brush, but I would just personally love to see a blind person not do a podcast on technology, blindness, accessibility, disability issues, etc. it just feels like that’s been done and overdone. It makes me sad, because I wonder whether or not people have any other interests.
    I can honestly say that of the 20 or so podcasts I’m subscribed to, not one is any of the typical podcasts you’re speaking of.
    I think technology is interesting, but I can read about the same crap and same myself the pain of listening to someone go on and on about the same articles I’ve in most cases already read about on my news feed.


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