Bad news: I still can’t get Ditchbook by @cleverdevil working.

Good news: I’ve been reading, and I’ve learned how to set up Python virtual environments on Windows, and I’ve been reading through the script, and this isn’t that unreadable.

So I’m a little more comfortable with looking at Python, even though I haven’t written my first script yet.

It doesn’t seem as daunting, and I’m getting to the stage where I might start experimenting with it at least.

It’s still driving me nuts, (the error that is), because it seems to be saying a file it’s looking for doesn’t exist, when I know for a fact that the file is here and snug in its directory, but OK for right now.

I’m going to keep banging on this though because I refuse to be beaten by a piece of software. Sorry not sorry Ditchbook, it’s personal now. 🙂

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