This is a longer post because we’re expecting our first snow storm of the winter, (rumor has it that we’ll see somewhere around twelve inches), we made chili in the crockpot yesterday and I got to play with sharp objects, and, as an early birthday present, I got a pair of Bose QC35s and I absolutely love them.

First, the snow storm.

We’ve been lucky so far this winter, and haven’t gotten too much snow, maybe three inches at a time at most, and for the most part it hasn’t stuck.

This weekend is supposed to be different, and I hope to get some pictures, and yes, build my oft-promised snowman.

As mentioned above we made chili yesterday, and I got to play with sharp objects, otherwise known as using our brand-new huge knife to cut up the chicken before cooking.

We invested in a new set of knives along with a cutting board late last year, and I got to use it for the first time yesterday since we’ve started putting the crockpot to some serious work since the first of this year.

And it was awesome.

I’ve never had an easier time cutting up raw meat, and the resultant chili turned out amazingly.

Next is homemade chicken alfredo with the chicken being either marinated in Italian dressing or just baked in it. I haven’t decided which yet.

I should post all these recipes.

And now, time for a mini review of my early birthday present.

<a href="">John</a> got me a pair of Bose qC35s, and they arrived yesterday.

I love them.

They came with a sixty percent charge, so I’ve been putting them through their paces. The noise canceling is lovely,and they’re now replacing the old headphones I used for the computer since they’re much more comfortable.

I still haven’t ran down the battery yet. I’ll need to work on that.

I’m trying to run them down because I want to see how long it takes to charge them and then how long I can use them before they need to be recharged.

I love these things and will get a metric ton of use out of them.

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