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I’m starting to wonder if Congress hires people to do nothing but sit around and think up idiotic projects just so they can grab more of the tax payers’ money.
I’d say this one’s the most idiotic I’ve ever come across, but think it would most likely be better to leave that one open for the next outrage that comes along.
The state I currently live in, (North Carolina), is thankfully not at the top of the list of porkers.
However, just because it could be worse doesn’t mean I’m not disgusted with this.
We apparently have a teapot museum.
Yes, out of all the wasteful things our elected representatives could come up with in order to garner more cash, it was this.
One third of the funds for this thing are coming from government funding, which means out of the paychecks of hard-working North Carolinians.
And, according to a 2005 article, they want another one million.
But we’re not supposed to be critical because we don’t really understand enough to evaluate the project’s worth.
I think this irritates me more than the latest revitalization efforts embarked upon by our illustrious municipality.
The best part?
State Senator Don East (R-Alleghany) noted that if lawmakers continued to pass out pork, he wanted
“poor little Alleghany County” to get some as well.
That’s the best you can come up with?
“Well, I don’t really like pork, but since everyone else is doing it, can we have some too?”
Guess what folks, the teapot is not an unexpected art form, and even if it were, I shouldn’t be forced to pay for it.
If it’s art, then they can put it in the art museum.
It’s about time for our elected representatives to put themselves on a budget, or better yet, for the American people to put them on one, and make them stick to it.

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