I found out why my AHT (average handle time) was brought up again.
John had stopped counting it on his own because he was fed up with the UMs not giving a damn and not listening.
Our local UM wants a standard set for me, so John took my AHT for the last two months, and added forty seconds to it.
I can deal with that, even if I don’t like it.
We’re now required to submit trouble tickets each day the DB_interface doesn’t work.
More documentation.
And more smoke up my rear end.
I’m definitely convinced the UMs aren’t aware, (or just don’t care) what the legal ramifications of all this are.
I’m considering writing up and email tonight and informing them of their obligations.
I’m really pissed at all of this.
They’re saying the problem might be fixed no earlier than after the beginning of the year.
John’s trying to get me into another position that will involve less rump ranging by my employer.
After he gets my situation taken care of, and manages to get me into a position from which I can protect myself, he’s leaving.
I can’t say I blame him, although I’ll honestly miss him.
He’s the last bastion of common sense and logical thinking around here.

Taken from customerservant.com

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