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Trust me, it wasn’t impressive in the slightest.
Here are some highlights.

Why, when it comes to terrorism in Afghanistan or Iraq, does the U.S. apply a strong hand – but when it’s Palestinian terrorism against Israel, there’s
not the same tenacity and determination?

Good question.
Here’s Anne’s response.

Probably because of the formidable left-wing lobby, which has now added anti-Semitism to its sins.

See how much sense that doesn’t make?
Anne, last time I checked, answering questions with some sort of off-the-wall response like that is usually indicative of comprehension problems at best, and dodging the issues at worst.
How about, “The U.S. doesn’t apply the same standard to the Palestinians it does to the Israelis because the Bush administration, as well as all previous administrations since at least Carter, doesn’t want to piss off the Arabs because they’re afraid the Arabs won’t play along in the game we call the “war on terror”?”
And it gets better.

Have you ever visited Israel?

No, but I have been to Miami if that’s any help….

Nice little slur there, Anne.
Sounds to me like you’ve got some anti-semitism issues you need to deal with before you try to deal with the problems of the entire country as a whole.
Change has to start with oneself.
I actually watched Ms. Coulter on one of the news networks shortly after the scandal involving the 911 widows, and was struck by what seemed to me to be her inability to actually answer a question directly.
This article confirmed my suspicion that she is unable to do that.
What bothers me even more though is that there are intelligent conservatives who readily give this woman a pass on whatever she says.
As regards the “War on terror,” Anne says that the current administration has fought it magnificently.
OK, sure, if you consider fighting the war on terror as not actually going after, but propping up the real enemies, (Saudi Arabia, Syria), and woffling when it comes to terrorist groups like Hamas.
And while we’re at it, let’s discard the term “War on Terror,” and call it what it should be called: the “War on terrorists.”
You fight people, not ideologies.
And if we’re going to fight, as I believe we should, then let’s do it right, instead of beating around the bush.

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