The following are links to roundups of articles posted by conservative bloggers on the latest goings on.
The Uncooperative Blogger
Illegal immigrants get legal mortgages … Ray Nagin tells his constituents to go back and live in poverty again … The Jihad Apocalypse … and much more.
Mac Stansbury gives a list of the blogs offering open trackbacks, whicc will increase your linkage, as well as provide interesting reading.
I’d also like to thank him for helping with site design.
He’s done a lot of work, and it’s greatly appreciated.
And while we’re on the subject of showcasing, here are a few more lists: Stuck On Stupid reports that an elderly lady apparently thought it would be funny to steal her local town’s baby Jesus statue from the public Nativity, while the police didn’t.
Peakah’s Provocations normally hosts open trackbacks on Sunday, but is hosting an open bar all weekend.
And speaking of open bars, I’m feeling charitable, so you can consider this post an open trackback one.
YOur links will appear at the end of this post, but they’ll be on the ront page, which will effect your TTLB ratings as well.

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