First, a proverb: Loose lips sink ships.
Now for the juice.
Convergys is under investigation for allegedly passing off information of a personal nature to foreign countries with inadequate security measures in place.
security has been so lax that customer service representatives have been able to make printed and emailed copies of confidential information belonging to Florida State employees without so much as a breadcrumb left behind.
Both Demacrats and Republicans are investigating the situation, (which is a veritable miracle in itself), but CEO and President James Or has refused to comment, and has denied all requests for relevant data.
Read the whole thing here.
I’ve been assured by inside sources that this is merely a repeat of last year’s news, (yes, they mean a literal repeat, and last year refers to around January of 2005), and that I need not worry.
The politicians are just out to get Convergys.
It’s too bad rose isn’t one of my favorite colors.
More on this as it becomes available.
Today’s slice of life is brought to you by Convergys, who would like to remind you that confidentiality and security are both very overrated.

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