I should probably go add this to the appropriate check-in, but I wanted to start sharing these. This was taken when Wil and Denise were in town in November of what turned out to be my last year in Augusta, and we got together with some friends for dinner. I need to figure out why the location isn’t being parced properly.

This originally came with plastic covering the front, and I didn’t realize that needed to stay on until I realized there was glitter on the front.

It’s now in a ziplock bag so it can stay with the rest of my card collection.

I tend to keep them unless for some reason they are damaged, and I’ve managed to get quite a collection going which has survived several moves.

Me wearing a gray crew-neck shirt
I am now appropriately dressed, I can be seen in public.
I got some new Penn State t-shirts today so now I can go out in public looking like a local. I’m not sure how well this selfie came out but if it’s a good one I’ll start using it as a profile picture. First selfie of 2019. I now have the perfect disguise for the area. Always and forever an Ohio State fan though. Go Bucks!

Photo posted from Facebook, see caption for description

A little something in my favorite Coke glass before sleepy time.

Photo posted from Facebook, see caption for description

Cloudy sky after a huge rain shower

Time to start Monday.