This is a deliberate misrepresentation of why a bunch of us are upset at what Molly’s doing. A spooled thread because this is going to take way more than 280 characters.
None of us give a damn that Molly either has money or has a mom, as you’d realize if you took twenty minutes or so to read through all the recent criticism that people have posted.

We’re upset because Molly has decided, without any input from the community she claims to be advocating for, to appoint herself as the person who puts herself out there and tells sighted people everything they’ve ever wanted to know about being blind, because inspiration prostitution is good for the brand and keeps the sponsorships and money rolling in.

We’re upset because she deliberately represents the situation of blind people as one that’s full of pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows, while the rest of us do the hard work of things like ensuring that apps and websites are accessible or even just trying to make sure that rideshare drivers don’t discriminate against us and get away with it.

We’re upset that Molly is using her influence and celebrity status to put us all in the very likely position to someday have to justify why a particular accommodation is needed when our bosses or family members or colleagues tell us that the problem we’re having isn’t really a problem because they watched this one blind chick on Youtube who handled it just fine, when really that blind chick has people doing everything for her so she doesn’t have to deal with a lot of the little everyday things that the rest of us have to work around.

And finally, we really don’t appreciate her fans’ attempts at guilting or shaming us into going along with the game because after all there might be the slightest possibility that maybe someone will consume her inspiration prostitution and decide to make one little change which could make things better for the rest of us.

Personally and professionally, I have a real problem with anybody who has the nerve to publicly paint us all in a bad light, as Molly has done time and time again.

I have a problem with anybody who has the nerve to claim that they, unlike any other blind person who’s come before them, is going to just handle answering all the questions for sighted people as if they’re able to take that on, all while doing this with people waiting on them hand and foot making sure their every need is met.

And finally, I have a real problem when fans of Molly and others like her go after those of us who criticize as if she’s above reproach. she’s a public figure. If she’s going to be the advocate superhero for this community she’s going to need a thick skin, and so are her fans.

Twitter syndication is becoming less and less worth it.

Constantly having to reauthorize Bridgy, only to then have Twitter give me crap because “Hey, we saw a log-in from a different device!”

No you didn’t you morons, it’s me, and I shouldn’t have to keep reauthorizing just because you hate third-party clients.

OK, so the hot new Ambutech cane I recently purchased has cracked, so it’s time for another one, and so it’s also time for a rant about assistive technology and eCommerce. Specifically, why does every single assistive technology vendor’s eCommerce setup have to suck so badly? Most of these are running WooCommerce, and holy hell it’s painfully obvious that these installs aren’t up-to-date, that the themes being used do not have WooCommerce support, (let alone accessibility), and that whoever set these up knows pretty much nothing about eCommerce, marketing, or WooCommerce. This isn’t about one-man shops. This is about vendors who have staff, who have the income, and yet who are perfectly willing to provide their customers with a horrible user experience just to save some cash. Guys, eCommerce is hard. There’s a reason you’re not going to get a working eCommerce that does everything you need it to do for any less than $10,000. But trust me, it’s worth the investment. If your customers have an enjoyable experience shopping with you, (and this includes accessibility), they will be more than willing to recommend you to their friends and family and you will see more business for your efforts.

Logs on after Shabbat. Oh look! Nazis! Looks at my social medias. Oh look! People in my timeline/newsfeed defending the nazis, because free speech! Time to visit the bank of fucks and purge more accounts, because as a Jew I will not tolerate this shit, and as a white person I will not stand by silently while this shit is defended, no matter what the reason, and I will not stand by while other white people look the other way and shrug their shoulders, wring their hands, and/or say there’s nothing that can be done about this. Now is not the time to be neutral, and it is not the time for nuance. If you are silent, you are complicit. If you’ve ever opened your mouth to condemn Black Lives Matter, or condemn Muslims when one of them rams a vehicle into a crowd, don’t you dare keep it shut now. This is not, (as our president says), about violence on the part of “many sides”. It’s about white supremacists coming out in force, and committing an act of domestic terrorism. You’re only as awesome as the things you tolerate, and if there are assholes in your community, it’s your fault. If you can’t muster up the courage to do anything more than role your eyes and wring your hands, or offer up thoughts and prayers, then whether it’s friends or family, we need to re-evaluate our relationship, because I am fucking done.

I didn’t watch the election coverage, but from what I’ve read on Twitter and Facebook, and from other news sources, Trump appears to have won the election. Speaking to those who are cheering the election of a fascist, racist, misogynist, and an ableist, someone who has demonstrated that to him, the race for the presidency is nothing more than a reality TV show, that the rules don’t apply to him in politics or in business, who is proud of fucking over those who work for him, and who sums up just about every single hateful quality that one person can possess, fuck all of you. Some of you insist that globalism has been defeated by a Trump victory. If you really believe that, you’re a lot stupider than I thought you were. Even if your crowing were correct, you defeated globalism by electing the American version of Hitler. You elected a man who is heartily endorsed by organizations like the Ku Klux Klan. You have demonstrated that hate is perfectly acceptable as long as the person pedaling that hate tells you just enough things that you want to hear. When some republicans who had guts and decided to act on them tried to warn you that Trump is no conservative, you didn’t listen. Report after report after report of anti-semitism surfaced, from liberals and conservatives, and you said, “no big deal,” because reasons, or what the fuck ever. Oh, and I hope those of you who are celebrating and who are also disabled like your accessibility self-service, because that’s exactly what we’re in for. So in six months, I don’t want to hear any of you complaining about what you’ve wrought. You will have brought it on yourselves and the rest of us.

Almost every day when I log onto Facebook, I come across posts from some of my disabled friends in support of a Trump presidency. It seems that nothing he says or does sways that support. And yet, those same people with disabilities also advocate for accessibility, even if out of mere self-interest. Well, there’s a post that summarizes the likely legal situation with regard to accessibility that I think you all need to read and respond to. Granted, I can’t make you respond, but I would really love to know how you can advocate for accessibility, and support someone who has not hesitated in mocking people with disabilities, to say nothing of what would likely happen to the legal framework that you unarguably depend on. OK, things like racism and misogyny aren’t priority enough for you to not vote for this idiot. I get it. I don’t like it, but those are battles that will take longer to win. But accessibility is a priority for every one of you. If it weren’t, you wouldn’t bitch every time you come across some app or website that isn’t accessible. So, given everything laid out in the linked post above, given the eight times Trump has been sued for ADA violations, given the outright mocking of people with disabilities, I’m at a complete loss as to how anyone with a disability can support even contemplate supporting Trump, let alone actually support him. So if one of you could craft a response that’s something other than “Yeah but Hilary is worse”, that would be great. If you reference the above linked post in your response, even better. If you read the above post, and still vote for Trump, and if he wins, I do not ever want to hear any of you bitching about any inaccessible thing ever again. I’ll be happy to leave you to provide for your own accessibility, since that will be the option you have chosen for yourselves, and the rest of us.