From the “Not All People Are Jerks” department:

A few weeks ago, Patrick Greene of San Antonio, was known in Henderson County simply as a professed atheist who threatened to sue Henderson County about the courthouse manger scene. Greeneā€™s experience with Christians was of narrow-minded individuals who had treated him unkindly throughout his life.

But when Greene learned that he was going blind due to a detached retina, and didn’t have money for groceries because he had to retire his Yellow Cab, Sand Springs Baptist Church didn’t just help with a small donation. They gave him $400 for household expenses, and there’s more on the way. In appreciation, Greene is donating a star for next year’s nativity scene.

I don’t normally go for warm fuzzies like this, but these people clearly went above and beyond. I realize there are a lot of people who need help, some with much bigger issues. But it’s better to help someone than not help at all, and just deliver platitudes like “God will provide”.

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