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I’m not exactly partial to patron saints, but this is ridiculous.

[St. George’s] dragon-slaying heroics have kept his legend alive through the centuries.
But the Church of England is considering rejecting England’s patron saint St George on the grounds that his image is too warlike and may offend Muslims.
Clergy have started a campaign to replace George with St Alban, a Christian martyr in Roman Britain.

The scheme, to be considered by the Church’s parliament, the General Synod, has met a cautious but sympathetic response from senior bishops.

But it clashes with the increasing popularity of the saint and his flag in England. The World Cup brought out millions of St George crosses as the symbol
became increasingly mainstream and less frequently dismissed as a badge favoured only by far-Right political activists.

If St Alban replaced St George, the red cross on a white background would have to be replaced as England’s flag by Alban’s symbol, a diagonal yellow cross
on a blue background that bears a strong similarity to St Andrew’s cross, the flag of Scotland.

The proposal has been put forward by the Rev Philip Chester, vicar of St Matthew’s, Westminster, who has called the use of St George as patron saint ‘dotty’.

His call for a change is based on the lack of firm historical evidence that George – said to be a Roman general from the 4th century AD who was put to death
by Emperor Diocletian for professing Christianity – ever existed.

This is too much.
Do they really think that all the hatemongering that goes on in mosques is going to stop as soon as St. George is given the boot?
And if they’re going to claim no historical evidence as the reason, then they’d might as well get rid of Jesus too, because there’s no historical evidence of him either.
Bonkers, all of them.
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