I’m going to have to remember to take this to my business law class on Thursday so we can discuss this in the portion of the class the professor leaves open for us to talk about legal issues that either effect us or that we’re interested in. This definitely gets filed under ridiculous, to say the least. The Fifth Circuit court in New Orleans has ruled that victims of Hurricane Katrina have legal standing to sue over global warming-related damages; the case in question was brought by Mississippi landowners against oil and coal companies they say contributed to global warming—and thus, exacerbated the hurricane’s damages. This seems like an attempted money-grab on the part of the landowners to me. I would have thought that their insurance, (assuming they are insured), covers acts of God, which is what a hurricane would be classified as. I’d ask myself what’snext on the lawsuit horion, but I can’t think of anything more ridiculous than this, except for maybe that lawsuit for a ton of money over the pants or whatever it was that got lost by the dry cleaners, but that one’s already taken. The WSJ Law Blog has more on this. See there for a full discussion of the ruling.

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