I’m proud to finally be able to announce that customerservant.com is now up and running, and I even have a nice little content manager to help things along. Not bad. It’ll sure as hell make managing the site a whole lot easier. I plan to post entries over there regularly, so come over and visit, and leave me your feedback. I’d also be interested in contributions from others. Once you’ve taken a look around, and if you’re interested, feel free to email me. I’ll post the first entry, which will detail why the site was created, over here as well. Here’s hoping this works out, and maybe, even has the posibility of making me slightly more prosperous than I am now.

5 thoughts on “customerservant.com

  1. Went to the site, and noticed a couple of spelling errors. The first being that there isn’t an I at the beginning of introduction, and for was misspelled. Other than that, that’s okay. I added it to my favorites.

  2. Hi. I want to dropping a quick note to impart my thanks. I have already been watching your webpage for just a month or possibly even longer and possess grabbed a heap of sound information and also enjoyed exactly how you’ve structured your article. I’m setting about to run my personal webpage however I do believe its too general so i would like to focus more on smaller topics.

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