by Uri Elitzur

Commentators spoke about the achievement of the Hamas, feature
writers described the atmosphere of democratic celebration in the
streets of Ramallah, but the most important headline was missed by
everyone: one million, three hundred thousand. That is the number of
eligible Palestinian Authority voters in Samaria, Judea, Gaza and
Jerusalem. All together, including everyone – 1.3 million.

In Israel, in contrast, the number of eligible voters is more than
five million. In short, we’ve been fooled. We were presented a
demographic demon that never existed. “Between the sea and the Jordan
River,” they menaced us, “there is already almost an equal number of
Israelis and Palestinians. Soon, they will be the majority.” The very
same week of the PA elections, several prestigious speakers even
repeated that mantra at the Herzliya Conference.

What “majority”? 5.1 million Israelis as opposed to 1.3 million
Palestinians. Those are the official numbers.

For two years, a dispute has been underway between the creators of
the demographic demon, chief among them Professor Arnon Sofer, and
between a group of Israeli and American researchers, whose chief
spokesperson is Yoram Ettinger. The former say the number of
Palestinians is close to four million, and the latter speak about 2.4
million. All of them admit that their figures are dependent on
estimates and calculations, and on Palestinian publications that are
themselves estimates – or perhaps propaganda – because since 1968, no
one has carried out a population census in Judea, Samaria and Gaza. I
am unqualified to interfere in such a professional dispute among
learned men, but here we do have an official number, one-to-one: one
million and three hundred thousand, including Gaza.

No Huge Population Growth

I have already heard one of the devotees of the demographic demon
explain the huge disparity, saying “it is well known” that there is a
giant natural population growth among the Palestinians. They have a
lot of children; and so, the number of people over the age of 18 is
only a third of the population. You have to triple the voter rolls in
order to get an accurate figure, including children.

Excuse me, but how is it “known” that there is a giant natural
population growth? First, you determined that there are nearly four
million Palestinians, when it is known that in 1967 there were 1.1
million. The conclusion from this is that there is a tremendous
natural population increase; and the conclusion from this is that
there are nearly four million Palestinians. That is circular logic.
It is equally possible to do the reverse calculation: to assume that
the total number is less than two million. The conclusion from this
is that there is a small natural increase, and the conclusion from
this is that there are less than two million.

It is possible, however, to do a calculation with no curlicues. We
don’t know how many children they have under the age of 18, but we
know for a fact that 18 years ago, those children did not exist. That
is, those 1.3 million eligible voters of today were the entire
population, including children, in 1988. We must add on another five
or six percent for people who were 65 years old or older and have
died in the interim. Let’s be generous and add on another ten
percent. The result is that in 1988, 18 years ago, there were a total
of 1.45 million Palestinians, including children.

In 1967, Israel carried out a true census in Judea, Samaria and Gaza,
from house to house, and found that there were nearly 1.1 million
people. That is, in 21 years, the Palestinian population increased by
about a third. That is not a large growth. It is similar to the
increase among the Jews. And if we consider that in the years
following the Six Day War, Israel allowed 150,000 people to return to
Judea and Samaria from Jordan and the Gulf states, then the natural
increase among Palestinians is revealed to be even smaller.

But let’s not take that into consideration; rather, let’s fully
accept a one-third population growth in 21 years. After another 21
years, there will be another one-third increase; that is, in 2009,
the Palestinian population in Judea, Samaria, Gaza and Jerusalem will
reach 1.9 million. Far less even than the minimalist school of
thought. That means that not only are we very far from parity, but
that the difference in favor of the Jews is getting larger with time.

Not More Than 10 Percent

Finally, why should we even deal with the total number? If we take
into account just Judea and Samaria, without Gaza and without
Jerusalem, the number of Palestinian voters was around 700,000.
That’s it (the exact official figure that the Palestinians publicized
was 762,040, but that includes approximately 60,000 residents of
Jerusalem according to the Israeli definition – holders of Israeli ID
cards – whom the Palestinian records define as residents of Judea and
Samaria). That is, if we believe our own statements that we have
already left Gaza and that Jerusalem is Israeli and unified, then the
balance is 700,000 adult Palestinians versus five million adult
Israelis. That’s the whole demographic demon.

And now you may ask what difference it makes; am I proposing to annex
to Israel all those 700,000 Palestinians?

The answer is that regarding a small portion of them, yes, but more
generally, no. But forgive me one last calculation, and that’s it. If
we are 5.1 million people and they are 700,000, then they are 12
percent of the overall population. They do not deserve 20 percent of
the territory. It is unjust, especially in light of the fact that in
the tiny territory that remains for us, almost 50 percent of it –
from Be’er Sheva to Eilat – is desert.

Ten percent would be a more-than-fair share.

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  29. […] Dec. 8th, 200510:03 am – They Killed The Link I got in this morning to find that the link I use to access the database interface has been killed, and to top it off, the new interface doesn’t work with Jaws. This is exactly what I thought was going to happen. And as if things need to be any worse, the person who has all the information about who to contact in order to get the link operative again has been fired. She wasn’t forward-thinking enough to pass on the information. Probably wanted to keep it to herself so she could feel important. There’s the client’s man, who’s perfectly happy to accept the declaration of accessibility handed down from the developers, and then there’s the HTML Specialist, (yes, that’s her actual title), who’s in his pocket, so the results will be pretty much the same from that end. This is what happens when idiots get put in to positions of power. We’ve gone through this before, I’ve made it a point to make suggestions and recommendations to the developers to make the damn thing accessible, and no one seems to listen. Now we get to spend however long arguing this point all over again. Well, at least this time, I have ‘net access. I’m not too thrilled about sitting around here serfing the ‘net though. That’s not why I’m supposed to be here. I didn’t get up, find out that the conditioner I bought isn’t really conditioner, (not Andrew’s fault, probably some idiot put shampoo in the same place as the conditioner, and he just grabbed because he knows where the conditioner is supposed to be, and assumed that it would be there), then to spend most of the remaining time trying to get a comb and brush through my hair without doing any damage, just to come to work and find out that everything’s been totally screwed up because of someone else’s stupidity. Why does stupidity have to ruin everything? I’d love to find a way to make stupidity illegal. To be fair, I realize that making changes to tons of code is very expensive, and that there are only two employees who require the changes. But I don’t think it would require a complete overhaul of the system to make it accessible. Java can be made accessible, it just takes a little consideration to do it. Given my past dealings, the impression I get is that accessibility really isn’t a concern for more than financial reasons, and they’ll just continue to feed me lines because they think I’ll believe them, and because I really have no choice but to at least act like I do. What else am I supposed to do? It’s not like I can just expose some major scam and get the changes made. If I go making too many waves, it could cost me my job, and I’m sure there’s something they could hide behind to make sure it doesn’t look like a discrimination case. I’m definitely a proponent of capitalism, but there’s making a profit, and then there’s greed. Based on what I’ve seen, I firmly believe that both the client and the company I work for are acting as a result of the latter, and not the former. I wish I was wrong on this one. The Business Of America Is Business,TMH’s Bacon Bits, Liberal Common Sense, the Conservative Cat, and link to this. Convergys, accessibility, Express Scripts, computer, MYSQL, databaseTaken from customerservant.comTags: productive members of society(Leave a comment) […]


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