• Digest Of Events For 2009-08-25 http://tinyurl.com/mvpa8b 02:20:49
  • Getting ready to walk out the door for class. 10:30:46
  • I have about an hour before class. 11:08:41
  • First class got out early. Looks as thoughhg it will be cake and pie. 12:34:50
  • Stupid wheely chair keeps trying to slide out from uner me. Have to sit on the edge of it to reach the floor. 12:59:31
  • Class got out really early. Headed over to the bookstore and then back to my place. 13:54:27
  • @ktoddhim Don't have the new Cross book yet, need to download that this afternoon from Audible. in reply to ktoddhim 15:13:54

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