• Headed to class. 07:06:33
  • M&Ms and mountain dew. Breakfast of champions, or maybe just of caffeine-deprived students? 07:43:52
  • I really didn't want to come to class today. They're fortunate I've deigned to descend to their lowly realm and grace them with my presence. 07:59:28
  • @wiljames and @msippi catching up on your tweets. 08:05:20
  • @msippi Guess the dogs really are like kids. 08:06:22
  • Oh yay. Stupid econ video with stupid jokes. 08:06:52
  • And it's 48 degrees out right now. Yay for hoodies! 08:07:13
  • The narrator on this video asks: "What's wrong with this picture?" I'll hazard a guess. You're a moron. 08:08:48
  • Economics works in the long run. In the short, people get screwed. 08:14:57
  • Ironic: I'm in one of the main tech buildings on campus, and I can't connect to the network wirelessly. 09:41:17
  • Someone's computer just blurted out: "Your spreadsheet has lots of data in it, but do you know what the numbers mean?" 10:01:56
  • @farhank: Linux learning is going well. Still trying to find out info on adaptive software for it though. in reply to farhank 10:04:35
  • @Blair_42: So I suppose you chant for it or something? Grin. in reply to Blair_42 10:05:08
  • @dmarthouse: True, but chocolate will do in a pinch. in reply to dmarthouse 10:05:28
  • Oh look! We have net connectivity. Only took us about 20 minutes. I'm thinking the ECU network isn't so awesome. 10:06:16
  • Office prof decided to finally respond to my questions about graphical aspects of this class. 10:11:43
  • If he had done that when I first posed them four days ago, I could have slept last night. 10:12:10
  • Instead of screwing with his online exam trying to figure out what I could actually do. 10:12:28
  • @farhank: That would be cool. in reply to farhank 10:14:07
  • Waiting for the bus. Will get home early today. Nice. 12:32:23

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