• Making my tweets private. Hopefully this will stop the auto-follow plague. 21:04:34
  • Digest Of Events For 2009-10-06 02:21:06
  • Done with the lecture for today, in lab, will be doing subnetting today as well as scheduling tasks. 13:39:18
  • Done with classes. Contemplating getting something to eat on campus and maybe staying over here to study. 14:23:57
  • Compromised. Picked up something and brought it home. Now time for more nerding. 15:53:07
  • @hllf I'm a student. in reply to hllf 15:54:16
  • Nice. I install updates on the Vista box, and now Outlook won't run. 15:56:18
  • Why is it that this thing can't just work? Is that too much to ask? 15:57:22
  • Recording lectures with the VRStream is just not going to work. Too much work having to convert and raise volume. 18:00:26
  • @tspivey: Not that I'm aware of. I have to convert the note file to wav, then bring that into sound forge. in reply to tspivey 19:03:36
  • @tspivey: Not that I'm aware of. The note file has to be converted to wav, and then that is brought into sound forge. in reply to tspivey 19:04:17
  • I'm trying to study but my mind keeps wandering. 19:56:38

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