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As the owner of www.toystore.co.il I am leading my own personal campaign to send thousands of dollars worth of toys to the children of Northern Israel.
Instead of enjoying themselves in summer camp, the Israeli children living in Northern Israel are currently spending long tense days in their local bomb
shelters. There is a huge need for toys and games to keep them occupied.
As of Friday, July 22, we have distributed over $12,000 of toys. Some of the recipients of our donations have been Rivka Ziv Hospital in Safed (Tsfat),
city wide Community Centers in Safed, the Merom HaGalil Regional Council (who has distributed to their 24 towns and villages), and city wide Community
Centers in Tiberias.

We are supplying all the toys and games at cost plus 10% to cover expenses.

On most of the toys sent up last Friday, www.ToyStore.co.il was able to obtain a 30% discount on WHOLESALE prices. So the donations really went a long way.

I really wish that this project were unnecessary. But as the war drags through it’s second week, I have received many phone calls requesting toy and game

Please pass on this information to your mailing list. To make a donation, simply go to my website www.toystore.co.il , order a gift certificate for the
amount you want to donate, proceed to the checkout and write “Donate Now” in the window marked “Special instructions for your order”. Please include your
name, telephone number and email address.

Thank you very much,

Bracha Rosenblum

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