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At least for the Chinese, anyway.
In addition to the firing squad, China has implemented death vans, which travel to locales where criminals are scheduled to be executed in order to perform the execution by lethal injection.
The vans are kind of like ambulances, except they’re not there to help.
I’m all for the death penalty when it comes to guilty people, but this seems just a bit too freaky.
I think the freakiest thing about it is the efficiency with which they carry out executions.
The vans only make the whole thing seem more sinister.
In China, unlike the U.S., there are quite a few non-lethal crimes, (like tax evasion), punished by the death penalty.
I wouldn’t be thrilled at all if we had the local death van heading down our street, ready to perform public executions.
I can see it now.
The mobs would be out in full force.
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