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This happened in the US, in Texas.
The people who take advantage of the Catholic Center don’t think this is serious, but I disagree.
Who just decides on a whim to blow up a statue like that?
Most idiots vandalize objects like this by scrawling graffiti or something else that takes very little time and effort.
I don’t think this is the work of your average hoodlum, I think it’s the work of Muslims.
They’re the ones who are angry at the Pope, and they’re the ones who have threatened violence against him, not to mention firebombing numerous churches in the Middle East.

The Daily Sentinel
Wednesday, September 20, 2006
The calm of a Catholic courtyard built for prayer and contemplation was broken Sunday morning when a small bomb shattered the white plaster face of a statue
of the Virgin Mary.
Located along a row of Christian student centers on East College Street across from the SFA campus, the courtyard sits between St. Mary’s Catholic Chapel
and the Catholic Student Center, where students come for camaraderie and religious study away from class.
No one witnessed the vandalism, and police have no suspects. Catholics at the center considered the act purposeful, but without any malice toward the organization.
“It kind of takes you by surprise, a little,” said Omar Marroquin, student president of Knights of Columbus, a Catholic service organization. “You’re angry
for a little bit, but it is an act of stupidity from someone.”
The vandalism occurred days after Pope Benedict XVI, the leader of Roman Catholics, drew anger from many Muslims over remarks made in a speech. Also, the
Knights of Columbus donated the statue more than 30 years ago in memory of aborted pregnancies, according to the Rev. Jesudoss Thomas, the chapel minister.
He said he hopes the statue’s vandalism was not tied to any statement, and no group has claimed responsibility for the vandalism.
“Anytime you have an act of vandalism, you have to look at all the angles. Is it directed at someone, or not?” said Sgt. Greg Sowell, Nacogdoches Police
Department information officer. “It is hard to find anyone involved in a random act of vandalism.”
Because the vandalism occurred at a place of worship, the act could be punished by state jail time.
“It’s hard not to think it’s a personal attack on our religion,” said Kelly Todd, president of Kappa Upsilon Sigma, a Christian sorority. “But it was probably
some people saying, ‘Hey dude, let’s blow up a statue.’”
While sitting in his office on the student center’s second floor across the courtyard from the statue, Thomas said just after midnight Sunday he heard a
blast, which he thought was a transformer exploding. But he received a call from the student center’s secretary, who saw smoke outside the building.
By the time Thomas got downstairs, the smoke had blown away. Outside the chapel’s western wall, where the statue of the Virgin Mary stood in a stone arch
with her head bowed meekly, the nose, chin and right cheek and eye had been blown off. He called the Nacogdoches police, who investigated, and he removed
the statue, placing it in a closet near the chapel’s altar.
“On Sunday the people were very prayerful, but they were not angry,” said Thomas, who was ordained a priest in his native India 14 years ago. “They were
very much offended, but they prayed for these people.”
Thomas became the campus minister in June 2005 after coming to the Tyler diocese five years ago. He said the center and chapel have always been peaceful
places where students study and worship.
The courtyard had returned to its peaceful manner Wednesday, with crape myrtle trees and oak limbs blowing in the wind. A brick path led to the stone arch
built into the chapel wall where the 4-foot statue once stood. Surrounded by a semicircle of boxwood plants, the statue’s pedestal is now covered with
flowers brought by students to fill the empty space. For now, the statue stands, in a chapel closet, covered with a purple cloth.
“We’re more proud than anything,” said Mary Derkowski, president of Catholic Student Center, of the vandalism. “If somebody was trying to scare us, it wasn’t
accomplished. They just proved that we don’t scare that easily

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